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(a interaktive audio-video installation)

on the 14.and 15.Sept.2013 The installation was set up at the FEZ Berlin, on the occasion of the 10 years anniversary of the "Orbitall". Pictures you can find here

The installation "SunMoonsStars" allows us to explore our solar system in
a virtual space ship with 3 - dimensional space projetions around.

The front, side and back views on our universe are pojected by up to
4 HD beamers (1920px 1080px)..

With the help of 5 control panels and 8 computer monitors you can navigate around our solar system as you like.

The Navigation in the virtual space can be effected by the 5 control panels, with which the actors can execute commands like: yaw (left - right), pitch (up - down), roll (turning on axis), thrust (forwards - backwards) that allows to go faster than light speed.

As the rotation of the planets and moons cannot be visually detected, their rotation frequency has been tansposed up to the humans range of audibility and is transmitted to the actors by a surround sound system

On the eight additional monitors the following is displayed:

  • Navigation (distance/directions) in the solar system.
  • Navigation (distance/directions) for the jupiter moons.
  • Navigation (distance/directions) for the saturn moons.
  • Navigation (distance/directions) for the uranus moons.
  • Navigation (distance/directions) for the neptun moons.
  • Characteristics of the approched plantets and moons .
  • Speed, Time and Sun power.
  • Constellations according to the front view.

Due to the size and positioning of the control panels as well as the monitors a combined effort to achive certain aims can be made essential, on you virtual interactive ride through our solar system.

The proportions of the planets and their distances are realistic. All objects in our solar system that have been photographicly recorded by probes are accordingly textured in "SunMoonsStars". The remaining others are textured by guess.

The personnel working on the project are:

Marten Suhr (grafics, 3D objects)
Alexander Sievers (code programming)
Alexander Lenz (code programming)
Jeremy Clarke (code programming grafics)

Installations can be booked


Passing by Earth


Jupiter with moon

Neptun moon

Saturn with moon

close to the sun


Navigation instruments

AudioAuthor | CONTACT | Jeremy Clarke