Lottomart pays off for doting dad as he wins huge jackpot prize

Daniel is a doting father who has long dreamed of buying a family home. Little did he know, but a recent decision to play the Lottomart app has resulted in a big win, with plenty of money to purchase a new home! The retail employee recently earned £137,152.75 by matching each number on the Irish Lotto game.

A Big Win:

Daniel is already enjoying the spoils from his recent win. The big windfall took place after the gambler was able to match all six numbers on the Irish Lotto. He has purchased a new home for his partner and three-year-old son as well as a brand-new Mercedes-Benz C Class vehicle. He also cleared his debt with the win.

Lottomart pays off for doting dad as he wins huge jackpot prize

According to a recent press release…

Daniel commented on the big win by stating: “I was in shock. I didn’t believe it, to be honest. I thought, ‘This can’t be real’. I was at home, sat in my living room, watching TV. I ran straight up to my partner and told her – she didn’t believe it either.”

Once the cash arrived in his bank account, everything certainly felt more real. He quickly booked a holiday to Tenerife and used the rest of the money to secure a home and ensure a good life for a child. Daniel pointed out that you never think a win like this will happen to you and it is one of the best feelings in the world.


He was able to trigger the cash flow by using Lottomart, an application where players can wager on the outcome of the most popular drawings in the world. Daniel had seen his father-in-law win a little money wagering on football back in March, so he thought to try his luck. After searching online, he was directed to Lottomart.

He wagered £2 bets on the Irish Lotto and the Great British Jackpot, choosing to apply a x32 boost. This gave him 32 lines bets on the Irish Lotto for the £137k. it was one of the randomly generated number selections that helped him win big!